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...the search for reality was elusive he told her; the search for the godhood, more so; having found reality, and it based on the senses perception of the world, and ...thus concluding one's personal interpretation of reality constituted a fundamental fixed view of truth of natural phenomena, mankind had a preponderance to immediately set upon a quest to search for a godhead that in no way evidenced in trees, or rocks...but only in the beliefs generated by the man. Having fixed upon the quest...mankind immediately began to fix within his vision a definition of god then, and it including each of these trees, rock and natural phenomena.

If this did not constitute the immediate manipulation of perceived reality, then nothing did; moreover, he said, this preponderance to set upon a quest for that which could not be proven to exist pointed to the conclusive fact mankind himself forever doubted the validity of his own perceptions of what man himself claimed to be real; i.e. the physical world,- yes, for 'mankind' searched the unreal worlds;...while if this thought could be understood, then it was a simple matter, simple step, the very playing with the very fabric of the illusary structure of maya could be done by the self, the magician soul-; the universe could be transcended and immortality achieved,- it was all in how one manipulated one's environment-

Daniel said, when they were still in Stratford teaching comparative religion.

           excerpt prologue from: text: Peru (k stevenson 2001)




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I am a writer, I am also from paths as varied as shaman studies, as well as chaos magikal paradigms, kitchen witchery, heathenisms, well as having background mainline religions, i.e. protestantism-this all aside, welcome to the site, peruse the book excerpts, these pages are presently a work in progress, included are discussion boards, (wel' least eventually,- )

   ...for now, peace - enjoy the journey, reality does not exist, all is permissable, do what thou wilt, love under the law, it is our law to usurp laws,- (cite various  in mottos, Crowleyean traditions, ...austin spare-  or as zos as per: Sorceries of Zos~(Austin O. Spare) taken from Cults of the Shadow by Kenneth Grant...etc. etc-

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Having managed to survive real life in fiction. The life lens sets as in free-form novel, for most Life anyway is only vignettes, daily,- This account happens span the last few decades, maybe, or maybe not with a feminist view at everyday bizarre nature that permeates reality in most social gatherings or depressed angst. Isn't everybody in angst?- While in a small coastal town, certainly most lived both accompanied at all times with the tragic hysteria over pantihose, or dirty hair, or lack of work. Authentication was, remains a tricky thing, anyway, metaphysical lens of the times, or not. Thus reality so completely assures the lived Life, that reality, much like any book, any reality is only subjective, remains subjective. Hence one's own life flashbacks rural growing up,- or in city are each caricatures, each personalities met, or experienced. While the last few decades all modern has also been New Aeon hysteria troubled with. recession, or wife battering, as well as bankrup

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excerpt  from Novel : Reflections in January:  (available at lulu, 2012)

                       a  social commentary from an empty headed housewife-


   - o' course, write a book, she informed sharp, the first intro woul' explore horrid modern life, on a ny microcosmic time-line o within' one's own four-walls,- then in the second volume, explore the external world,- it only got worse on visits to the local sup'rstore, or the restaurants, or welfare offices, an' all the new-headlines to play like drab anticlimactic plane crashes an' famine updates in the world, an' hopefully one shouldn't have to explain thesis 'literary structure' to a reader; if one did, then one wasn't writing clear enough or one's readership too dumb to und'rstand, in either case;- " no- I woul'n't note the books are social commentaries,-: she said sharp;- jus' let the reader figure it out-" lil' green grey eyed woman eyed Ruthie-  some 'magazine article now in her hand:- (some 'article, apparently written by Ruthie's Uncle Jimmy, ah- Native elder here; some 'elder' aboriginal up North;- (Ruth had sat muttered on how the social stereotype of wise aboriginal was no less limiting than one that being Indian equals drunk and poor,-) Ruth had thought a moment, then her eyes twinkled again.

    "But I wanna be a drunken extraterrestrial,-" Ruthie havin' said in far too serious note not tease: "No good," Kay havin' told her: - "That's also currently vogue. With Steven Spielberg, ET re-runs, Shirley Maclaine reincarnating herself again, and again...there's the elasticized nipple debate too,-" "Yep," Ruth had said. "I wanna be an extraterrestrial crazy Native with tight breasts. And go figure," she sighed.  "There's weird ways with the white population to sell things; your advertisers created strange folklore..." (Sure as hell, Kay had laughed with absurdities of their own conversation.  ..."We keep this kind of talk up, the town's liable to burn crosses on our lawns at midnight,yes; yes:- or- "More like burn your shamrock cake," Ruth corrected. "Where's it hiding?" Ruth had meant Leo's birthday cake, (trivia now-) "In the old deep freeze," Kay had told her, then Ruthie in all her own mother earth pragmatic earthy Mindset had shoved a mag article at her;- ah;- Ruthie woul' probably be back, need another money hand-out, Ruthie had added - only said simply:- " read this for now;- an' "So's this thought," Ruth noted, shoving a magazine article across the desk at her. "And ice the cake green,- green, then when somebody pukes on it, you'll have staged the best show in town,- " (Now?- Kay looked down at the crumpled page and read, -  

                              continued from p.18. The New World Editorial

January 2900, Vol. XXXVl

' was comic really. For those generations who had been raised on a culture of vicarious sex, drugs and rock and roll, the thrill had finally lost it's edge...')...most historians now agree that by the year 2010 became a turning point came in social history ...for more expose on this and visions of ancient Hollywood as it relates to a lack of social direction, human frailties and the need for guidance beyond human moralities, See article: White Folklore of the Twenty-first Century, p 81, Vol. XVlll; Discussions of Arthur C. Clarke: Making Contact...for as such, many factors caused for the anarchy of the years 2010 through 2080....- etc.

(Though most scholars now agree the early seeds of anarchy were first sown during the 1960's, 70's, and 80's...)For it was then, that generally speaking, public sentiment opposed social authority of all kinds. The same ruling generation that came of age through those crucial decades had long since dismissed the same sanctions of the Bible, the Koran, the Torah and other traditional teachers of wisdom. Even so, it was not readily apparent to persons living at that time that these traditional sanctions are positively correlated with lessened crime rates.... and seeking instead to benefit themselves by way of caffeine free lifestyles, or with vegetarianism, and monastic abstinence from fleshly pursuits, this particular social generation, (having once themselves enjoyed communal dwelling and recreational drug use during the 60's and 70's,) later sought to do the most unusual of pendulum-like penance to both atone socially and attempt leadership when the world was spinning out of control...'- ah?- (Kay looked up from the lines, " the year 2021,-' - "It's 1998 right now," she paused,- re: eyein' the 'article;- and: - ...none of the fearful generation looked forward to growing old in a culture suffering such extreme forms of violence as their's suffered.  ..'When there were few day-long jobs and few jobs lasting longer than a day; all forms- unemployment spiraled upwards. Grocery store style check-out lines ran amuck of random shootings and looting for food. ...the average citizen could not leave their house unlocked during the day and never at night. As thieves went on punished, or as un-prosecuted by the courts who were as fearful as any for their immediate personal safety... the murder rate spiraled upward past four hundred per thousand...and random killing increased, with no one able to offer a better explanation that simply that people were randomly shooting other people...(more jails were built, housing programs lagged behind-)...the carte-blanche rejection of God and values continued, leaving more persons still fearful; and your own definition of god be with you, did you dare venture into the streets...while kids screamed at, rather than merely talked back to their  own parents...; women, having been long assured of their own rights and destiny were both liberated, and still being raped...; it was a bleak time to live and work; but when moralities still remained an unacceptable solution to social upheaval; there remained the difficulty of all re-creating the social conscience without rules. And it was not unlike re-creating the wheel without a round proto-type; simply put, you can't have behavioral checks in society without a common consensus of those same restraints. And without any common framework of values...still, everybody pretty much did their own thing...'- It was then, at this crucial junction in history at the dawn of the millennium 2000 that public debates of what to do with the social fear, upheaval raged...; then as- in parliament and in the bars, with the world well on it's way a wholly unidentifiable new breed of chaos, all asked, 'How can we make it a nicer place?'...and it was then that someone stood up at the back of the room to declare, 'the mind comes out on the hands,- Another agreed, ' a man thinks, he is,-'- And on that point, it was pointed out that, ' any someone speaks, they often do...' And in some ways, at that time, the concept presented to limit behaviors via limiting all thoughts and any speech differed little from past attempts of the same; it was not unlike a school playground responses where a teacher might say, 'sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you...'

    or so seems infuture moment any historians will conclude;- while for those us living now?-

    Well for now, as noted on book jacket:  



 The genre, real life in fiction. The lens set in free-form novel, concerning vignettes daily modern life spanning the last few decades. Then Main Character in primarily feminist view at bizarre nature modern life in a small coastal town, this accompanied with a metaphysical lens; at times the book departs from reality completely, while assures the reader anyReality is only subjective anyway, via flashbacks rural growing up,- caricature personalities in the small town modern era. There is recession, wife battering, as well bankruptcies, varied addictions, such as a 300 lb. women, and cats or just marshmallows. The aboriginal single parent is the only pragmatic face in the whole book; most people having known such faces on some level in daily life. The subject matter while bleak sets forth in basic North american 'field notes' in social commentary,- certain Canadian-slant... the techy irritations most any us experienced anyway, including fatty hamburger.